The Roving Designers are a collective and micro studio created to foster co-design and co-creation in a sustainable, inclusive and decolonial manner. Its aim is to bring design work out of the confines of buildings and into parks, plazas, sidewalks, and anywhere else in nature or public space.
This studio/collective is a space that encourages decolonial design practices that care with and respond to local environments, communities, & contexts. We focus on practicing and sharing small & slow acts of design making that can lead to discussions and insights into larger systemic issues.

The Roving Designers first workbook was published in February 2021. To download visit

Prompts On Walking

These prompts we designed by the Roving Designers for Disorienting the Everyday , curated by Na'ama Freeman in Tkaranto/Dish With One Spoon/ Treaty 13 (Toronto ON). On Walking: rhythm, repitition, movement (March 16-27, 2022) looks to the action of walking as a method to measure one-self against the earth and as a way to foster connection, belonging and accountability in the process. Download the prompts here.

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